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The 6th ACLA International Symposium ‘Urban Cultural Landscape and Urban Regeneration’

Call for the Paper and Participation 

Acla 6th Sym Urban Land FEFU Vlad- 22-24 Jul 17 Fnl CircThe 6th ACLA International Symposium
‘Urban Cultural Landscape and Urban Regeneration’
22 ~ 24 July 2017, at Laboratory of Urban & Landscape Design
FEFU Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, RUSSIA

Collaboration: IGU Commission – C16.25 ‘Landscape Analysis and Landscape Planning’

Most of the ancient cultures, especially the Asians in the ancient past ordered the natural world on cosmological principles and shaped harmonious relation with nature, which ultimately resulted into formation of Urban Cultural Landscapes. Mountains and springs, plains and rivers, were sites and channels of sacred power from historical events and timeless sacred forces in evolving the cultural landscapes. And, geographical features were inscribed by human hands to mark their achievement and accomplishments in the frame of built structures and advanced culture of urban world. Such natural and constructed places commonly became centres of advanced human activities and interaction, serving as pivot of harmonizing the world through their inherent message and underpinning meanings ensembles in the Urban Cultural Landscapes, UCL. That is how they require special care for understanding and planning, and also care for maintaining them as nexus of visioning future and fulfilling the SDGs as envisioned by the UNO/ UNESCO.
The planned 6th ACLA Symposium 2017 will broadly examine the role of Urban Cultural and heritage Landscapes in harmonizing the world, with emphasis on awakening the deeper sense of regenerative strategies and measures and making policies, drawing upon the perspectives of multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural interfaces, within and beyond the world of Asia. The three broad themes are given below:
(A) Urban Cultural Landscape, UCL: Spirit of Place: Evolution of Urban Cultural Landscapes, UCL: historicity and cultural continuity; growth and representation of UCL: symbolism and archetype; cosmological principles: spatiality of time and temporality of space; UCL as nexus of global understanding and harmonizing the world; Assessment and appraisal of UNESCO Reports the issues of UCL and HUL, Historic Urban Landscape; Urban Cultural Landscape as System; Values and images of UCL: archaeological, architectural, historic, scientific, aesthetic, socio-cultural or ecological point of view.
(B) Historic Urban Landscape, HUL: Morphology of Urban Landscapes; attributes and representation: tangible and intangible heritages; Regulatory system of UCL and HUL; Ritual landscape as Urban Heritage: ritualisation process, cosmogram and complexity; Architectural approach to urban heritage and cultural landscapes; Sacred city and cosmic order: Issues of UCL and HUL; Strategies for Urban Development; Quality management.
(C) Regenerating Urban Cultural Landscape: Urban Conservation; Public Policy and Urban Conservation; Urban Heritage Management: Changing scenario; Approaches to Regenerating UCL; Greening the City: Urban Ecology & Urban Foresty; Management of Urban Environment; Issues of preserving heritage in Urban Century; Use of HUL and UCL in alternative cultural and heritage tourism and City planning; ‘Interfaces’ and cultural interaction: sharing the experiences of different groups from different parts of Asia, role of NGOs in mass awakening, and public participation in heritage regeneration programmes; ‘Interfaces’ among urban planners, policy makers, and integrated approach to fulfil SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals; issues of Habitat III and their linkages in planning HUL and UCL.

Keynote Speakers
Prof. Dr. Sung-Kyun Kim (President- ACLA); Seoul National University, Seoul, KOREA.
Prof. Maria E. Ignatieva (Urb-Rural Dev.), LaArk, Swedish Univ. Ag Sc, Uppsala, SWEDEN
Prof. Dr. Rana P.B. Singh (Vice-President- ACLA); Banaras Hindu University, INDIA.

2-days focal Symposium: 22~23 July 2017 (Six Sessions), 1-day Field study: 24 July 2017.

§ Abstract Submission Deadline:… 20th April 2017
>> Abstract (200 words + 5 keywords, with full affiliation and address), 12pt TNR ft.: MsWd.-Title, followed with Name, Position and affiliation, Full Address (Mobile, Email), Country.
§ Notification of Abstract Acceptance:… 31st May 2017
§ Final Paper (in Harvard style format; max. 6000 words with Abstract, MSWd):… 30th June 2017

§ Registration Fee:
US$ 300.- (will cover 4/5-nights stay: 21~25 July 2017, Hotel/ FEFU Guest House stay, all the meals, receptions, Symposium kits and publications, and full coverage of field trip).

Scientific Committee

Prof. Alessio Russo, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, RUSSIA
Prof. Evgeny Korzhov, Far Eastern Federal University Vladivostok, RUSSIA
Prof. Vladimir Pavlovskiy, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, RUSSIA
Prof. Petr Kuznetsov, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, RUSSIA
Prof. Sung-Kyun Kim, Seoul National University, Seoul, KOREA
Prof. Ismail Said, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Sekudai, Johor, MALAYSIA
Prof. Rana P.B. Singh, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, INDIA
Prof. Nodar Elizbarashvili, Chair IGU C16.25, Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, GEORGIA
Prof. Shangyi ZHOU, Ins. Regional & Urban Planning, Beijing Normal University, CHINA

Contact: Convener & Secretary:

Prof. Dr. Alessio RUSSO, PhD; [Руссо Алессио]
Head of the Laboratory of Urban and Landscape Design, School of Arts,
Culture and Sports, Far Eastern Federal University, Building G,
Office G373, FEFU Campus, Russky Island, Vladivostok 690950, RUSSIA.
Tel. +7 (914) 710 93 82. E-mail: ;


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