Pelestarian Lanskap Sejarah dan Budaya – ARL 311


1  Introduction (presentation lecture contract) [pdf] [ppt]
2  Characteristics of landscape/parks/gardens in pre-history period
and Central civilization (Persian/Islamic Paradise Garden) [pdf] [ppt]
3  Characteristics of landscape/parks in Eastern civilization (India,
China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Latin America) [pdf] [ppt]
4  Characteristics of landscape/parks/gardens in Western civilization
(Egypt to Europe – Medieval) [pdf] [ppt]
5  Characteristics of landscape/parks/gardens of Renaissance and its
development in Europe [pdf] [ppt]
6  Development of landscape/park/gardens characteristics in 18th
century and modern time [pdf] [ppt]
7  Historical/cultural landscape/parks in Indonesia [pdf] [ppt]
8  Important values of historical/cultural landscape; reasons and
principles of conservation [pdf] [ppt]
9  Methods and process of conservation [pdf] [ppt]
10 Regulation and policies in conservation (UUCB, WHC) [pdf] [ppt]
11 Utilization of Cultural heritage [pdf] [ppt]
12 Conservation of historical landscape in rural regions [pdf] [ppt]
13 Integration of conservation into urban planning [pdf] [ppt]
14 Conservation and development of historical/cultural landscape for
tourisms [pdf] [ppt]


1  Description of practicum and distribution of assignment for weeks 2-7 [pdf] [ppt]
2  Presentation and discussion (pre-historic landscape, Islamic Park:
Alhambra, Taj Mahal) [pdf] [ppt]
3  Presentation, discussion (India, China, Japan, Korea, Kampuchea,
Latin America) [pdf] [ppt]
4  Presentation, discussion (Egypt, Greece, Rome, Medieval/Mid century) [pdf] [ppt]
5  Presentation, discussion (Renaissance: Italia, France, other Europe) [pdf] [ppt]
6  Presentation, discussion (Parks/landscape of 18-20th centuries) [pdf] [ppt]
7  Presentation, discussion (Historical parks/landscape in Indonesia) [pdf] [ppt]
8  Technical explanation of project work or field work [pdf] [ppt]
9  Field observation/survey [pdf] [ppt]
10 Field observation/survey [pdf] [ppt]
11 Data processing [pdf] [ppt]
12 Analysis and synthesis (ideas in conservation) [pdf] [ppt]
13 Preparation of workshop/presentation [pdf] [ppt]
14 Implementation of workshop/presentation [pdf] [ppt]